Soft by Sarah Louise

Shoppa kollektionen

Sarah Louise Christiansen was born and raised in Denmark. Creativity has always been a big part of her life where design and creation has manifested itself in everything that she does. At the age of 21 Sarah Louise started to sell her paintings anonymously. With time her art started to expand and got more and more popular.


“For me, it's about making the invisible- visible. Emotions, like the universe, are something we cannot touch. We live in a society where we should preferably focus on the positive and hide the negative, but the dark must be seen and understood so that we as humans can develop. In my dark paintings, I welcome darkness, as light cannot exist without darkness. Darkness does not have to be negative, it can be beautiful and instructive. My paintings are an embodiment of the two opposite poles of our interior, namely the positive and the negative. The white and the black”.





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